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Water treatment chemicals
Our chemicals are used in membrane process water treatment systems. Effectively ensure the efficient and stable operation of the membrane system.
Filter cartridge
ProfilitecTM series filter element adopts Seiko professional manufacturing, filtration performance is stable, suitable for a variety of industrial fields of water treatment separation system.
Ultrafiltration Module
Our ultrafiltration adopts DuPont Multibore® membrane filament-– the world’s strongest UF fiber. Just add/reuse end caps and grooved 8” couplings and you are ready to experience SEMAST™ ultrafiltration at its best.
Continuous R&D and technical support
Continuous formula development and improvement for ages, multi-scene practical application experience, to provide professional and timely technical application support

FOR YOUWe'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Results

Your membrane system and water treatment units can rely on NYMOI chemicals, filter cartridges and UF modules for more stable operating condition.

NYMOI can offer you not only:

  • Water treatment chemicals: Antiscalants / Bactericide / Bactericide / Membrane Cleaning
  • Ultrafiltration Module: Seamast™ series
  • Filter cartridge:Profilitec™ series
  • Continuous R&D and technical support
  • Other customized product

SERVICESDedicated to Providing
Quality Laboratory Analyze and Detection

Water Sample Analysis
NYMOI can fully analyze the water quality of the water source of the customer's system
Scale Sample Analysis
The determination of the composition and composition of membrane pollutants
Strict Quality Practices
Our laboratory adheres to the quality concept and policy of “Justice, Science and accuracy”
ABOUT USYears of Practical Experience In system Problem Solving.
We'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Solution

We will recommend the right product to you based on your needs, and will help you choose the best solution by answering your questions.

NYMOI is committed to the efficient and smooth operation of membrane process water systems. NYMOI series products include water treatment chemicals, ultrafiltration membranes and modules, filter elements, etc., covering membrane process pretreatment, membrane process and post-treatment.


SOLUTIONSProfessional Water Treatment Solutions

NYMOI will continue to provide our users around the world with quality products and comprehensive technical service, provide the targeted solutions and tracking services for different characteristic customer, offer strong technical support for users’ equipment operation and their company development.

Analysis of product selection
Process & water balance analysis
Technical support