Membrane cleaning agent


  • Compatible with RO membranes, also compatible with NF and UF membranes.
  • Efficient acid solid formula products with dual functions of decontamination and protective film.
  • Efficiently remove organic matter, slime and attached particles on the membrane surface.
  • Green and environmentally friendly, reusable, no adverse effects on the environment and human body.


FC820 contains an efficient cleaning agent for pollutants such as organic matter and biological slime on the surface of the permeable membrane. After using FC820, the membrane flux can be quickly restored without causing membrane clogging, improving the working efficiency of the equipment. FC820 is used to clean the membrane, which can help remove scales and maintain the service life of the membrane.

According to the nature of the scale, different cleaning methods are used to achieve the best results production. For specific cleaning solutions, please consult NYMOI professional technicians.


Dosing system: This product should be used in conjunction with the membrane cleaning equipment provided by the membrane system manufacturer.
Dilution: The product must be fully uniform before entering the system. The recommended dilution ratio is 2% ~ 3%.
Material compatibility: Corrosion-resistant materials such as PVC. Corrosion-resistant materials should also be used for parts of the pump that come into contact with concentrated or diluted products.


Packing type of production is5.7gal (25kg) / 57gal (250kg) /228gal (1ton) container.