Membrane cleaning agent


  • Efficient concentrated environmental protection products, solid formula, contact with food processing equipment.
  • Designed for EDI, suitable for cleaning of EDI modules and RO membranes of various mainstream brands.
  • Environmental protection, reusable, no adverse effects on the environment and human body.


FC857 contains a high-efficiency cleaning agent for inorganic salts and organic pollutants in EDI membrane modules. In typical EDI cleaning applications, FC857 must be fully dissolved and diluted before entering the membrane system, and the amount of use is 2% ~ 3%, which can help remove scales and maintain the service life of the membrane. Or according to the needs or the recommendations of professional cleaning experts, cycle cleaning to achieve the most effective cleaning.

FC857 storage or deployment equipment should use anti-corrosive materials such as PVC. Corrosion-resistant materials should also be used for parts of the pump that come into contact with concentrated or thin-end products.

The information of first using and safety precautions see to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of NYMOI® or label illumination of production.


Packing type of production is5.7gal (25kg) / 57gal (250kg) /228gal (1ton) container.