Upgrade your vertical UF system with Multibore® - the world’s strongest UF fiber!

The Semast™ series is UF module series, which is based on inge®’s proprietary Multibore® membrane – the world’s strongest UF fiber. Just add / reuse end caps and grooved 8”couplings and you are ready to experience Multibore® ultrafiltration at its best.

Membrane Fiber Data
Capillaries per fibre 7
Inner diameter (mm) 0.9
Outer diameter (mm) 4.0
Pore size (μm) 0.02
Material PESM

Membrane Module Size

Membrane Fiber Data IUF – 8040C
Active membrane are (m2/sq.ft.) 40/431
Total Len with endcap L1 (mm/inch) 1730/68.11
Total Len without cap L2 (mm/inch) 1850/72.83
Outer diameter filtrate tube D (mm/inch) 200/7.87

Technical Data

Cleaning/disinfection chemicals
Free chlorine ppm max.200
Hydrogen peroxide ppm max.500
pH range 1-13
Flux rate
Filtration flux lmh 60-180
Backwash flux lmh 230-300
Transmembrane Pressure (TMP)
Filtration flux bar 0.1-1.5
Backwash standard flux bar 0.3-3.0
Burst pressure bar >10
Housing UPVC
Operation parameters
Operating temp range 0-40