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NYMOI company will continue to provide our users around the world with quality products and comprehensive technical service, provide the targeted solutions and tracking services for different characteristic customer, offer strong technical support for users' equipment operations and their company development

Analysis of product selection

The technical recommendations will be based on the NYMOI chemicals analyzer software calculations and the produce selection will be narrowed down using product availability/approval knowledge as well as referencing experience on similar installations globally.

Three major service modules

  • Cleaning membrane systems for multiple contaminants
  • Standardized ambulatory monitoring system operation
  • Testing to restore ultrafiltration performance

To help us provide the best solution for you we will ask you to provide:

  • Full water analysis
  • Feedwater source and effluent disposal routes
  • Planned/existing pre-treatment system description
  • Required/desired system recovery to be achieved
  • Feedwater temperature range and feedwater variations over the calendar year
  • Effluent discharge restrictions
  • Required membrane and corporate end-user approvals

Process & water balance analysis

Water Balance Analysis is a process of systematic measurement, statistics and analysis of water consumption of water consumption unit and water consumption system to obtain water balance relationship. According to the typical data of water quantity, the recommended value of equipment manufacturer, whether all the steps are completed correctly, etc. , the water balance analysis process is evaluated after the test data is accurate, test results are consistent with the actual and so on to continuously improve the analysis method. Relying on our water balance test business. Through the water balance test data, we can accurately find out the customer’s water-saving demand point, put forward the water-saving plan, design the implementation process of the water-saving plan and its construction/reconstruction drawings, and assist the enterprise to save the operation cost and improve the efficiency of water resources management, reach the advanced level of water resources management industry.

Technical support

NYMOI technical personnel are available by phone and mail to answer questions or provide site-specific recommendations to system operators on a variety of technical issues including chemical selection and application, Chemical consumption, system troubleshooting and cleaning techniques. This assistance helps operators minimize system downtime and ensure optimal plant productivity.

Providing our technical advisors with suitable system information (listed below) will allow us to select the most suitable suite of our products to meet all the requirements for your membrane installation. This will take account of factors including the technical challenges presented by your feedwater, the logistical and seasonal challenges provided by your location and regulatory requirements provided by both the local effluent discharge regulations and any other customer requirements.

Accurate Product Testing by Expert Scientists


LIST OF ALLFrequently Asked Questions

How can I get the application scheme of scale inhibitor for individual project?

Please download the following table and fill it as detailed as possible.  And send it to We will provide you with the relevant application report of scale inhibition products as soon as possible.

What’s the reason for choosing Semast™ UF Modules?

Semast™ UF Modules adopts Multibore® porous membrane fiber, seven capillaries are concentrated, have excellent mechanical strength, strong anti-pollution, high flux, 20nm membrane pore size, 100% removal of microorganisms and pathogens. Guarantee no broken wire for 5 years under normal circumstances.   Ensure system security to the maximum extent.  No maintenance, low energy consumption, low chemical consumption, so that the economic benefit can be optimized.

Do NYMOI chemicals have NSF certification?

Some chemicals have obtained NSF certification. If you need, please contact us for latest information about product certification.

How can I place an order?

Please email us with your location, project information and contact information, and we will arrange a local agent to contact you as soon as possible.