Membrane cleaning agent


  • Compatible with all of the leading RO.NF.UF and MF membranes.
  • Contact with food processing equipment
  • Release of membrane surface contaminants, and don’t damage the membrane surface, easily rinse the membrane surface.
  • Dispersion liquid, easily missed with the aqueous solution, reduce cleaning time.


In a typical application of membrane cleaning, typical dosage range is between 3% and 4%. According to the expert’s recommendations to clean. The information of first using and safety precautions see to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of NYMOI® or label illumination of production.


  1. Inspect cleaning tank, hoses, and clean with RO permeate or DI water.
  2. Inspect and install new cartridge filters.
  3. Connect the cleaning system, if necessary please connected the pretreated water to cleaning tank.
  4. Add RO permeate to cleaning tank.
  5. Slowly add LC821 to cleaning tank and allow to mix thoroughly, check solution pH, the solution pH should be 2.5-3.5.
  6. Check solution temperature. If solution temperature is lower than recommended level, adjust heating control to provide optimum temperature.
  7. Circulate solution through one stage at a time in the direction of feed flow for 30 minutes. Circulate at the flow rate recommended by the membrane or system manufacturer. Soak 30 minutes,and then circulate 60 minutes, if necessary, can repeat the above steps or soak in a night.
  8. Check pH and temperature every 30 minutes.
  9. If necessary, immersion time can be extended to 5-6 hours or more, if pH>4, please add new cleaning solution.

10. When returning unit to service, divert product water to drain until any residual cleaning solution has been rinsed from system.


Packing type of production is 5.7gal (25kg) / 57gal (250kg) /228gal (1ton)container.